One started working within 10 minutes. Will do a self-test page. To be fair, although my cartridge was new out of the box, it had an old “install before” date Select Setup , and set the paper size to match the size of the loaded paper. I was skeptical, but stayed with the method and it did Work! Kevin, Amazing , The soak worked for me, although after reading the previous postings on your solution I had the feeling it would. HP is selling far too many ink cartridges to those who don’t know the soak trick.

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The first time the water was pink coloured. But this worked, so my hat is off to you folks, great fix.

HP Deskjet 1220c Series Printer – Paper Handling

You say you refilled your cartidge Use an application that supports printing continuous-feed banners. I am having the same god damn problem with mine, i didnt know there were so many victams. I used the first method again but only blue would work. If printout have incomplete text or graphics that are not corrected prjnt cleaning the print cartridges,use the Pen Recovery Diagnostic test. Here’s the link for anyone else in the same boat:. I’m surprised it still works. The yellow stripe cartridges print only pink.


I was ready to throw out one old cartridge, one “new” but really two years old cartridge and my C printer, when I came across this page! Found this email string with Google. So I concluded the printer was messed up until I came across this thread.

Can’t get HP Deskjet C to print in co… – Apple Community

It took me 2 tries and it worked perfectly. I was getting a bit worried, so I put them in boiling water again and dabbed them on the paper and this time there was one pink line, and the other cartridge was blue and yellow.

Saved me a bundle The HP Deskjet C series printer uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the print cartridges are aligned at all times. Black printed OK but no color. Did the soak fix on the first one, and voila!! To say that by looking to other companies than HP, we would be jumping on a sinking boat, you must be getting paid by HP.

I have new clors in the printer, I have to shout it down and start it to get pages in well condition.

It worked like a champ! After all the cards are printed, close the Postcard Guide after removing any unused cards from the printer.


A cartridge that prin printing properly will generally leave 3 colored stripes with no breaks. I will run this sucker until she dies, and then go buy another HP wide format.

HP DeskJet 1220C Prints only Pink & Black

Accessing the driver preference settings. They were genuine HP, but I bought them years ago.

Javascript is disabled in this browser. Great Printer I’ve had my for two years and have never had any problems with it.

After running the Level 1 print cartridge cleaning routine, run the nozzle pattern test explained in the “Printing the nozzle pattern test” section below to verify that the cartridge has recovered.

Its inking like a stuck pig that was full of ink instead of o-ink. I was on my second new cartridge. I exhanged the cartridge for a lrint check and the problem came back with the old cartridge. I tossed the old cartridge — it 12200c sooooo old I just didn’t want to bother with it. I managed to bring back three old cartridges that I was going to trash.