I agree that we now have more choices of shape, and that is a good thing, but I continue to play Adams A4 and Nickent 4DX and the club goes every bit as long if not longer than many of these square headed clubs which I have played and enjoyed. These irons are very stable and forgiving — mishits, whether high or low on the face, in toward the heel or out toward the toe, flew almost as far as a shot hit near the center of the face. I think it looks fine as well. Well thank you for enlighting me Mr. And when I did miss, it felt like the SQ MachSpeed did not compound the miss, but rather helped to straighten it out — I definitely noticed that my misses were less severe with this driver. Using aerodynamics, the MachSpeed hybrids were designed to help the player hit the ball farther and straighter via the reduction in drag. This iron is all about helping golfers increase their ball speed in order to generate distance.

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Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. The clubhead has been sculpted with for less drag throughout the swing – not just at impact – meaning the club can move faster and therefore deliver more power to the ball. Please gentelmen, Are you really serious.

I would really like to try it out and see the differences in machpeed new technology behind this driver. Just rented a set for a niks. CJ Bush 9 years ago.

Not sure I am just nuts over the look but assume my guys at Ping will be or are at this moment looking at this too. This design and construction increases forgiveness and creates a hot zone on the face of the iron, especially low on the face, which increases distance and promotes a high launch angle. Hi Andy — I did not say square was the future I simply said that pear is out and golfers need to get used to seeing other shapes.


The square head shape is only the beginning — the driver head features an aerodynamic channel the powerbow diffuser on the front and trailing edges, as well as the distinctive diffuser in the sole plate, both designed to reduce drag and encourage maximum acceleration of the clubhead during the golf swing.

I think it looks fine as well. Volume Two Hundred Twenty Six.

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While I cannot say whether any of the MachSpeed clubs fit that description not having tested them at this point my bet would be that they do perform well. That is why it will be a shape of the past.

Sign me up for the newsletter. I love the loks of this driver! Hey Mike…nice to meet you. Chris Harman 9 years ago. I hit the MachSpeed irons as far or farther than my current irons, and I did notice that I got very good distance on mishit shots, especially misses out toward the toe of the club.

Nike SQ MachSpeed Graphite Iron Set

And especially when I hit the ball on the mzchspeed spot, the ball just took off from the clubface. The square is now a rounded-off trapezoid, because Nike say and others agree that the previous square shape was not aerodynamic enough and therefore the revised design of the Machspeed has been deisgned to fix this.


If you gave me the choice between added speed, accuray, weight, and over all performance or aesthetics i would choose performance every time and youre a fool if you dont. Time limit is exhausted.

I think these designs are getting out of hand for 3 extra yards and 1 extra hit fairway. I would prefer to see Nike do that. Like we said before we are all for companies pushing the envelope of technology here at MyGolfSpy.

I bought these irons in November, I must admit they take some getting used to but they are definately worth their weight in gold, they are not the best looking clubs in the world but they work. Bob, which driver are you currently gaming? I highly doubt it.

Nike Golf introduces the SQ MachSpeed iron | Golf Channel

The combination of materials, textures and finishes in the clubhead, and especially the sole diffuser a cool detail is the paint edging on the sole diffuser that gradates from black to goldgives this club a futuristic look. Is the Method Model for straigh back straight through strokes? Comments I sliced with the square dymo srt8 fit is this driver straighter. The SQ MachSpeed irons come with two available shaft options.