Shots like that one and I had several in my two test rounds assured me that this club will soon take its place in my bag. By accident i bought the club with 5. It is a very common problem with Nike. Hi Dean, yes, -2 L is the most extreme draw setting. Probably not but this may help minimize the severity of those types of misses. But upon flipping the club over, the sole reveals the new Compression Channel technology that is key to the performance of this club.

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Your email address will not be published. The R11 just launched with too much spin. I will hit both before buying and choose then but your already a step ahead of me having hit both …thanks.

A month later and 4 rounds later I found a crack along the compression channel. I am all for adjustability, but the size of modern drivers is unwieldy to me.

Though it carries the least weight of our subjective categories, LOP often provides a simple summary of how our testers 2100 to a given club. I was able to consistently hit a draw with the face closed and a fade with the face open.

It gave me the best numbers, the most consistency and the best ball flight. Odyssey Red Ball Putter November 19, Nike Golf has posted several interesting videos about the VR Pro driver on their YouTube channelthere are links to those at the bottom of this post.

Hi Dean, yes, -2 L is the most extreme draw setting. I was at the driving range with my brother and he tried mine at -1 and hit it dead straight every time.

Could you please str8-vit simple details as to whether the smooth side or textured side is up and if both batteries are installed facing the same direction? After hitting just a few balls I had the feeling that I had better control over my drives, and knowing the club can be tweaked to fit br is going 2100 in my swing on a particular day one of the main benefits I think an average recreational golfer like myself can get from ste8-fit adjustability gave me more faith in my swing and the assurance I could keep the ball in play.


The weighting of the head in relation to the shaft and grip felt comfortable to me, the head did not feel too heavy or too light on the end of the shaft during the swing and the club makes a nice swoosh sound no pun intended through the hitting area. Yoccos- My swing speed ranges from mph depending on how comfortable I am. But the grips Nike put on these clubs are terrible — you hit a couple of shots and it feels like club slips out of your hands every one of my friends immediately commented about the shitty grips when they tried it — i dont understand how you can sell your top-end product with such a crappy grip….

Nike has a winner, in more ways than one. Those details alone were enough for me to rate the looks a 9, while another tester gave it a perfect The silver ‘crescent’ that was on the back of str8-ift club head has thankfully gone, but the design feature is subtly still there through a small ridge across the back of the head, which we think is very clever.

Today’s Golfer

However after my 6th swing, the shaft broke. If you found this review and others useful, please consider making a cash donation to help support MyGolfSpy or a contribution to our Club Recycling Program. The same held true in my live rounds on the course — I hit several shots where I just nutted the ball for me at least. Well, I mostly, kinda loved it.


Product Review: Nike Victory Red STR8-FIT Fairway Wood | NG NATION — Nike Golf Fan Blog

Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. The VR Pro has a very solid feel when striking the ball. They are always trying new ni,e different things 20XI ball, Method Polymetal putters, etc. I struck up a conversation with one of these players, Richard from Michigan, and he asked me if he could try the VR driver with the face adjusted to the 1 degree closed position, to counteract the fade he had been playing.

I find it hard to mishit. Write a Review Rate This Product: Holiday Cheer Contest Day 3: Str-fit player can easily adjust the club to their particular specifications to optimize its performance, as well as set the club face and lie angles to create a particular ball flight pattern.

I struggled a bit on the range with it and then took it out on the course to give it another chance. Certainly the VR Pro proved to be among the most difficult to fit. The precise adjustability will give better players the ability to precisely adjust the club for their particular game, and average nikw will gain more confidence knowing they can adjust the club to counteract swing flaws on any given str8-fot.