Message 7 of Frequency sweeps can be specified using the sweep range sliders, or by entering values directly into the “start” and “stop” fields. I recommend 50 mV or less. This approach relies on simplex optimization, and is generally only useful when presented with a good starting guess. Thank you for your prompt response.

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ONLY other thing I can think of is that maybe the firmware on your HP meter is not compatable with this vi that you’re trying to use. This is useful for changing settings beyond those supported in software, e. It is not possible to lock or constrain individual parameters. Depending on the model chosen, it makes sense to tune certain parameters e.

HP 4192A Sweep Utility Software

Message 10 of Thank you for your prompt response. The default address is 17; see manual section Labvlew Impedance was always zero. I would try running the Measure. The sweep can be aborted or paused in software.

The objective is to select the circuit model best approximating the measured impedance, and then to adjust the parameter values to obtain optimal agreement between model and measurement data. Could you please tell me what I could do stop the 4129a after it is completed and be able to save the data in lbaview excel file. Message 9 of The instrument can be operated using the front panel buttons by first pressing the “local” button.


I know its a software issue because when this has happened and I’m around in the lab I can see that the values on the multi-meter display are nonzero.

The imported data lxbview be of the same format as that which is saved or copied from the program. This slows down the fitting process considerably, and may cause the fit to time out.

After or during a sweep, the collected data can be saved to a text file, or copied to the clipboard. Each circuit model includes a number of elements, namely: This will help establish accurate values for the impedance and electrical length of the line. However, after the sweep is completed, it doesn’t pop up the window where I used to be able to lavview the excel file name under which I store the data. But it still didn’t work.

Message 2 of Are the Keysight A and B milliohmmeters code compatible?

4192A LF Impedance Analyzer, 5 Hz to 13 MHz

To effectively disable this model, set the value of f T to a low frequency such as 1 Hz. Each red flash indicates a new attempt to read measurements. I downloaded a HP a driver from the NI website but it looks like doesn’t work.


But when I used the “example.

It turns out that for typical labvuew line geometries, at low voltages, the dielectric leakage remains incredibly small, so we may continue neglecting G. When running, the software continuously triggers the A instrument to perform measurements, unless “Pause reading” is selected. What exactly is the output when you try to run the v.

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Diode fit from example Excel spreadsheet. I had a similar issue with a lock-in amplifier a while ago. Most Active Software Boards: To attempt auto-fitting of the data, select the appropriate circuit model and coarse-tune the fit parameters to reasonable values.