The password typed now will clear any previously entered password from CMOS memory. A message will confirm the password being disabled. Fully loosen the four screws on the four corners. Got it, continue to print. Remember to disable Spread Spectrum if you are overlocking because even a slight jitter can introduce a temporary boost in clockspeed which may just cause your overlock ed processor to lock up.

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Parameter Date Description Lets you set the date following the weekdaymonth-day-year format Options Weekday: Chapter2 System Utilities Chapter 2 System Utilities Most systems are already configured by the manufacturer or the dealer.

Pentium 4 and Celeron are trademarks of Intel Corporation.

Detach the mainboard from the chassis. Enter six zeros and continue.

The command line at the bottom of the menu tells you how to move within a screen and from one screen to another. When setting the jumpers, ensure sapire the jumper caps are placed on the correct pins.

FX-M7 MB.P | Acer Aspire SA85 MBP Motherboard

Disabled Video This item specifies the type of video card in use. During the disassembly process, group the screws with the corresponding components to avoid mismatches when putting back the components.


Acer eRecovery consists of the following functions: Removing The Mainboard Removing the Mainboard Loosen these scerws total screws are 8 from the mainboard. In the Recovery settings window, select Burn image to disc and click Next. Enabled This item is used to enable or disable the typematic rate setting including Typematic Rate and Typematic Delay.

In the Acer eRecovery window, select Recovery settings and click Next. Loosen these scerws total screws are 8 from the mainboard. This memory area is not part of the system RAM.

Acer’s multilingual operating system selection menu will pop-up automatically. The information stored in ea85 will be used to restore the PC to the previous state when an wake-up event occurs.

The message “The system has password protection. Pop up the clips on both sides. Advancted Chipset Features The values for the chipset can be changed through this menu, and the system performance can be optimized.

Acer Aspire SA85 Drivers

On This item is to set the Gate A20 status. Enabled The items allow you to set the sequence of boot device where BIOS attempts to load the disk operating system. This leaves KB of conventional memory. Unplug the AC adapter and all power and signal cables from the system. III Conventions The following conventions are used in this manual: Before you run Setup, make sure that you have saved all open files.


Acer Aspire SA85 Parts and accessories

Product Information The screen below appears if you select Product Information from the main menu: You can cause fatal errors or instability if you install the optimized defaults when your hardware does not support them. Fully loosen the four screws on the four corners.

Otherwise, you should leave it unchanged. To disassemble the computer, you need the following tools: For whatever reasons a part number change is made, it will not be noted za85 the printed Service Guide. Preface Before using this information and the product it supports, please read the following general information.

T Integrated Peripherals All onboard peripherals can be set up through this menu.