This goes back to my point 2 above about how the swingweight scale is easily manipulated — with enough rat glue and lead tape, anyone can make a telephone pole swingweight to exactly D2 or D4! I think that would be a good idea Foster. I feel like the numerous comments about the swing weight being off are a little harsh. It is a bit much, but not visible at address. I was also hitting straighter than any driver I have ever tried. Very forgiving I used a demo for 2 days and was averaging yds off the tee, used gps off the every tee.

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First ever Adams club that I have purchased loved my Callaway but to much distance not to buy it. As I wrote above, the total weight I think is more meaningful than swingweight.

Adams Speedline Plus Complete Set Review

Today, Speedline products are world-renowned for their amazing distance and ball speed, features acquired by their proprietary velocity slot technology. Andy 2 Handicap who plays a highly regarded driver model he purchased two years ago, increased his average ball speed by 7 MPH to Overall we feel that this is one of the best drivers in the market this year with excellent performance, distinctive looks and a superb feel and sound.

John 9 years ago. It was topped with an Adams Tour Velvet Grip. So it’s taken a great new driver to replace it. Once you find the right shaft it is extremely consistent. The Adams Speedline Super S driver certainly bears a striking resemblance to the TaylorMade family that it is now part of. Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. I kept hitting high right spinners, that felt great but just ballooned up with OK distance.


I had high hopes for this club, but knew I might run into issues, because I have never been able to hit the Prolaunch Blue in any driver I have ever tried, just too much spin.

Based on the launch data collected, Dan is the only 3 of our detailed testers dpeedline would likely benefit significantly from a higher lofted club. I have several reasons why. The majority of our testers approved of the sound of the Speedline Fast 10 at impact. Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters.

Dec 18, 40 Comments. When it comes to the feel of the Adams Speedline Fast 10, feedback revieq mixed. Same for the shaft.

Firstly the distinctive Speedline sole with its dramatic curves that scoop up into the rear of the head is still there. Had speedpine for 2 weeks now and satisfied with the performance. We really like this look and it is functional too, as it helps with the aerodynamics of the head and you get the feeling it is moving fast by just looking at it.

However the race is now on to create a larger ‘high ball speed’ zone on drivers and this is why the slot has been introduced on the Speedline Super S driver.


To bad i just bought a dymo str8-fit or i would def.

I think that would be a good idea Foster. Almost to a man our testers really liked the look of the Adams Speedline Fast 10, particularly at address. Before I give away the ending of the story, lets start with xpeedline beginning.

Adams Speedline Driver – Independent Golf Reviews

Speedlline Speedline was born of aerodynamic engineers and golf club designers at Adams. The Velocity Slot was introduced speedpine it increased ball speed from the face of smaller headed clubs. After SpecCheck was completed, the crown, face, and sole of the driver were covered with GhostTape. The shape is very tradition pear shaped and has a nice black crown.

Perhaps no one summed up the majority feeling about the Speedline better than one of our low handicap testers:.

With that simple premise in mind Adams set out to create a club that would generate speevline speed. As I said, a loop of tape under the grip can lower the swingweight. Keith Bertog 9 years ago. The flight was maybe a little higher than most but the trajectory was such that it was still going forward.