If you already own one of these pedals, we will modify your pedal, normal turnaround is 2 days here plus days priority air mail shipping. Vex New Analog Man shopping cart website We have a new website with almost everything on it! Analog Man was started years ago from our love of vintage effects pedals which sounded so great but were getting impossible to find. Also these pedals do not suck tone like a wah wah when off, as they use active electronic FET switching so it is not much of a benefit. These setting are from , not o’clock settings.

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Basically we modify many production pedals to make them sound better. If you have a question on an order status, log into www.

Ahhh, to be whole again. The L is stereo and works with low impedance signals for keyboards or active electronics or expression control with a low resistance pot.

So wait for at least a day for a reply. Mods in Japan Click on the image on the left for a link to Ohbayashi san’s Japanese page, you may not be able to read much of the Japanese language but it is interesting! Most people out there who have tried the BD-2 know that b,ues a pretty solid pedal. Prince Of Tone pedals are usually available on Wednesdays but you can try any time. Raw really allows you to hear subtle differences while the studio mix is great for hearing it with a band.


I used it a lot for the rest of the Jazz Is Dead tour for certain sounds You can check out the Harmony Central Effects reviews of our pedal mods.

Boss Effects

You can use this with a Fender STratocatser now with ease. Through a Fender amp with Fender guitars it is quite the icepick in the ear Another cool setting this mod allows is to run the TONE knob up really high, which is usually terrible. This mod is worth every penny if this is your style of overdrive.

TheoDogJun 3, You really need a remote switch plugged in to use it live.

Guitar Effects Pedals

We can modify the old or new GE-7 pedals. I have set the tone to a balance point where they are otherwise completely transparent.

We have tweeked it to sound just like the tremolo in my ’66 Fender Deluxe Reverb amp. Do you recommend it? Pretty much a tube screamer sound, with a clean amp it does not add a lot of distortion, but with a cranked marshall it’s enough for Monster Magnet’s thick Sabbath type tones.

There is not as much difference in sound when played through an already distorted amp. This is the most organic chorus pedal I have yet to try, and can get thick enough for almost anyone, without sounding seasick. Sick of the mass-produced, over-hyped, over-marketed cheap slave-labor produced plastic junk being passed off as Guitar Effects these days? KoT list is explained on the KoT Delay page. I know which is more pleasing to me.


This pedal sounds amazing, and offers a stunning graphical view of the virtual rotors on its built-in display. After years of dealing with drilling and prepping “off the shelf” pedal cases, we finally had our own made up.

Well, both pedals sound nearly identical. It seems more consistent with my artistic flavors.

I am also hoping to find out the sonic differences between a stock and an AM BD2. I have played through others and they are just not the same.

The part that really appealed to me was from the Analogman website: This is the yellow Boss pedal, not the orange DS-1 Distortion.

When you check out, it gives you a total, prints a receipt that you can mail with your payment, and tells you where to send the money order.