What is the 5th number in ip address Looking at my firewall logs I see that in addition to the 4 sets of numbers separated by dots, there is a “: On the XP computer it sends me a message saying I don’t have the authorization to view other computers on the network. THX f Tips, Norbert 2. I am connecting to the internet via an internal Ralink Specifically, what is more secure? Is that making sense?

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Any advice would be very appreciated. I am connecting to the internet via an internal Ralink I experience intermittant high latency while playing online games.

Specifically, what is more secure? THX f Tips, Norbert 2.

Now go to www. Thanks in advance for your answers, Denis Holtkamp 3.

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Does somebody know, where I can enter the PSK, or is this a bug? Both machines have the same “workgroup” name but they just can’t see each other.

The ASUS utilities that come with the card are crap, delete them. My ISP claims that there are no problems with my connection. The blocked attempts are from my,, etc. I do not know enough about how ports work to understand this.

Problems with ASUS WL-107G and WPA-PSK

I had no problems creating a home network and sharing files and printers. Die Installation des ‘Dienstpraogramms’ verlief ohne Probleme, aber nachdem ich die Karte reingsteckt habe, al der Laptop ‘ne Weile und hgt sich dann auf.


The problem is intermittent and I believe is not caused by browser woa2 because the browser either IE6 or Firefox will connect fine a number of times and then suddenly no longer connect to the very same websites giving the “Server not found” error.

Thanks in advance for your answers, Denis Holtkamp. I’m out of ideas, Please help.

WL-107g IEEE802.11g Wireless Cardbus Adapter

What would cause me having intermittent trouble connecting with my browser while my email and home network have no problems connecting? Maybe the difference has to do with the ports used?

I have XP SP2 in both. Over time I have read about encryption algorithms as related to other software products, so I have a basic understanding and have a lot to read, but was wondering if anyone with knowledge and experience in the topic could help. Why it connects sometimes and cannot find the server at other times is what I cannot figure out. This latter key is produced using, in part, the PMK, the MAC address of both communicating systems, and random values.

Is that making sense? Greetings, I am currently evaluating providers of secure network connectivity, in light of problems I have had over a number of years.


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Have Xp ql my notebook and in my desktop; in the notebook I can 1107g the home net and specify access via WPA Es geht garnichts mehr. Everything is the same except the OS. The field “The Key is provided automatically” is checked and greyed-out, so that I can’t uncheck this field. THX f Tips, Norbert. Looking at the Firewall alert logs – and these listings do NOT correspond to when I am having trouble – I see that sometimes Zone Alarm will allow a connection to go through to another PC on my network and other times will block access to the same PC even though I have its ip is added to my trusted zone!

I have verified that I am the only person that this happens to. I have a fully updated version of XP, I updated the firmware of the router, and I have the latest driver for the wireless card. Thanks for having taken the time to read. I’ve tried a multitude of different configs for the router, I disabled the router’s firewall and XP’s firewall with no changes.