I gurantee I could make those 12s louder. Ok so audiobahn sucks, what else then But what would you recommend? I am currently running two 10″ Memphis Power Reference Subwoofers. I’ve had better luck with Pyramid, Lightning Audio, and Sony. But in my Ranger there is just no room. A shitty install with either would make it an easy win for the other.

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AudioBahn Linear Compression AWT12X – subwoofer driver

A stroker will kill a brahma at 60 hz, but 30 hz a brahma will break stuff compared to a stroker, you know? Now, if you wanna move to 45 hz, you wont even be able to hear yourself with my Strokers going. Originally Posted by inteva Everyone has thier own point of view.

But to answer comprexsion question, Memphis would be the better choice. No space for an enclosure of any size. International shipping is not available.

Not saying any of the others are bad, but ya know. Anyone in the Charlotte area sell those?


Results 1 to 23 of So, what should I get? By QuikSpade3s in forum Car Audio.

At least go with a 10 12 would be optimum if at all possible. Applicable sales tax may apply. I gurantee I could make those 12s louder.

Audiobahn AWT10X 10″ Linear Compression Subwoofer | Property Room

A shitty install with either would make it an easy win for the other. Memphis If this is your linwar visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Is there a cheap, quality sub out there? Kinda like drag racing: There is always the Koda 8, RE 8 and the Tangbang 8.

It bumps harder not because it is that superior, but because it’s in a better install than the 2 12s were. A high BL combined with a high efficiency is a lethal combination for SPL, why do you think a 30 year old design com;ression still winning? Originally Posted by CVStroker. You may audiobwhn able to find something like an Infinity Kappa for that price as well.

Please carefully review our shipping and returns policy before committing to a bid. I’ll give you the fact that Immortals are loud as hell, and they sound like crap, but they’re far from the best.


Results 1 to 23 of 23 Thread: I’d love to be able to have a And by the way the Brahma isnt a bad SPL woofer if you know what your are doing with it. You, my friend, are in need of a B15 Extreme. To learn more about proxy bids, click here. Heck, I’d even bet with a “29” mm excursion on my immortals and like a 14 on your strokers, I’d get my immortals to play lower. Damn right you haven’t, you can’t keep your eyes from shaking enough to focus. Some believe that Kenwood sounds good.

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