Page History Login to edit. It can be found at: What I mean by freeze is this, the display remains frozen showing the desktop but mouse and keyboard are completely unresponsive. Can anyone help me pursue this issue? Sat Sep 01,

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Does anyone have any bright ideas?

Tags for this Thread airlinkawllcrashunresponsivewifi. This wwll3026 me to position it for best reception if I have a hard time connecting to one or another AP. I’ve been trying to do my own research on this subject and I’ve become quite frustrated at the lack of current information regarding exactly which usb wireless adapters will function with minimal fuss under Linux.

awlll3026 Works out of the box with linux-restricted-kernel that is included by default. Other than the zd chipset this adapter functioned virtually identically to the Airlink. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Will either of these adapters work under Linux? Signal strength according to the network manager gauge never dropped below 4 bars and transfer speeds varied from 1 to 2 MB depending on my distance from the router.


en:users:drivers:zdrw:devices [Linux Wireless]

August 27th, 1. It’s actually very nice to use, but you’ll have to make sure that things linud network-manager don’t try to interfer with it and you have to bring up the wireless interface ifconfig wlan0 up before you can run it. Join Date Feb Beans 3. Results 1 to 6 of 6. I like these ralink devices a lot, but those ZyDAS look like they work with much less effort. Join Date Apr Beans 8.

Airlink AWLL v1 – WikiDevi

Ars Centurion et Subscriptor. Driver – For a PCI device: Can anyone help me pursue this issue? Chipset – Chipset vendor name, chipset name, vendor code, and device code.

Kernel panics on initial install, see instructions here for addtional installation steps: Personally I just got another Ralink device today.

This means that I can get very good reception with it compared to other USB devices. No zdrw kernel module in Edgy and newer Ubuntu releases.

Inexpensive wireless usb adapter for Linux?

Aug 5, Posts: Sat Sep 01, kinux Generally you’d want to use the legacy drivers with the daily cvs snapshot. Here are the results of my brief testing as I’m sure everyone is just dying to know how my adventures in cheap wireless networking worked out. I selected my router and entered linyx WPA shared key and was online in under 30 seconds. It uses a newer ralink chipset that’s pretty common, the rt Both adapters worked without any additional effort beyond punching in my retardedly long wpa shared key in Ubuntu.


What can I do to provide useful crash data? I must say I’m pleasantly surprised.

It’s a GTK GUI program that will scan for wireless access points and help you enter in your keys and save network preferences and such.

I need to use this card because it is the only one I have that supports WPA. Will not run on Pure “N” but works as “G”. Based on a discussion on another forum I decided to try out two different adapters that are cheap and readily available.