This sentence needs explanation? More… 26 August In our Downloads page released driver version 5. TV tuners making up the new product line don’t belong to that interesting and expensive direction, but represent classic analog BeholdTV A8 and hybrid BeholdTV H8 TV tuners, capable to receive aerial analog and digital TV and radio broadcast. Behold TV FM. Behold TV Cruise supports all actual today analog and digital, aerial and cable standards of TV and radio.

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But this doesn’t reduce their value in the product line of modern TV tuners. The PSU case can store up to 4 3. We’ll behol know today, how and why it works.

History continues… “, dedicated to the activities of Beholder company, to characteristic features of its products and to the probable trends of development. Any other third-party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole wijdows of their respective owner. May the green force be with you!

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To its indisputable advantages may be refered the price, presence of very useful additional functions, such as recording and view with timeshift, and also advantages bhold by its principles: You may download plugins and read detailed description in our Downloads page.

And traditionally best quality. Very pleased with the implementation of a mechanism of network drives connection. For us, however, as for many winxows of Beholder TV tuners, this event has a great significance. In essence, this is the nature of company Beholder that launches products that have especially ponderable competitiveness.

Notice that this is not just new tuner but representative of a new series, that inevitably promises some cardinal innovations and differencies from previous series. Sound is digital a long time ago and most users listeners use digital audio formats and devices. We already told about progress and achievements of this company for the first two years of existence see article ” Beholder: The PC-O10 construction hides unattractive elements, such as drives and cables, and brings only appealing components to the fore.


The Devil, as known, beholdd in the details, and there is a lot of details here. Review of new plugin on site Reviews.

Review on site Hwp. But these are not the all merits of our today’s hero.

At that time most surprising became exploiting not very traditional architecture with little known hardware MPEG-2 encoder Philips SAAHS, due to which the new tuner remained very similar in functions to preceding models, but in connection with it, its capture possibilities became more professional.

For example, unique feature for the Beholder tuners is the ability to ajust the picture for each channel individually, change the signal level and noise reduction, and now is a common for standalone tuners interface, that facilitates the TV channels setup and further firmware update.

The same fate striked also video, texts and who knows what else — all is transfered to the digital formats. You’ll not get it not trying it.

First of all we are talking about so-called mega-hybrid and multi-channel TV tuners. In addition, Beholder always thoroughly thinks the launch of every product over. If at first it was easy enough to compare Behold BeTAB andthen the more I tested both models, the more I understood that it is just impossible to choose “right” model.


DriverPack TVcard for Windows /XP/ (x86) — drivers overview |

The first minus is a drawback with a stretch — web-sites are opened without a problems, and that’s a scope of tablet PCs. Similar models already for long time presented in product lines of other manufacturers, nevertheless, don’t forget that we are talking about Beholder — company thet never launched ordinary tuners.

No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied. It is estimated for three thousand cycles of cell rewriting and predestined for mid-market sector.

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So the owners of “beholders” may surely upgrade their systems to Windows Vista. In its features it excels not only analogous models of other manufacturers, but even the built-in tuners in plasma and LCD panels. All this is packed in high quality metal case, and at that time the tablet doesn’t tend to discharge after hours of Internet serfing. Of course, we can’t treat cameras as an instrument for taking full value photograph, and the time of operation on accumulator is not outstanding, but good display, stable software, good set of interfaces and rather pleasant design cover these disadvantages.

And we honorably award this device with our highest prize “Editors’ choice”. Flexible application software allows to completely reveal all hardware capabilities of tuner and, at that time, has transparent and friendly interface.