I was looking for the lowest cost and simplest way to interface my audio equipment to my Mac and PC computers. Most of the criticism seems related to Behringer charging much less for similar products than some of their competitors. So their total costs are a fraction of what a specialty audiophile manufacture would pay to make the exact same thing. The above is likely lower than most people would listen at but it depends on the efficiency of your headphones. I just bought one for me. I’ll probably pick up a uca and give it a whirl. All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Given what I was measuring, I didn’t need ultra low noise or distortion. I am looking for an inexpensive external sound card to go with a relatively cheap and elderly laptop that is a perfect example of the breed with a ‘not quite adequate’ built-in sound department.

Also, what if you’re using IEC ohm equalized headphones? Anonymous June 2, at 9: This has been discussed already, but if you already have a UCA adding the E5 is a great improvement.

Or maybe I’m missing some configuration step?

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The headphone noise is pretty much identical to the Line Ksb noise above: It’s a subtle difference but it sounds more natural. This is a fairly typical result that compares well to even much higher-end products.


The no load voltage is mV and with ohms it was mV. Anonymous July 26, at 3: Anonymous January 23, at 9: The noise level is not so high as to render these type of devices useless, but it is there. But all in all, that happens to almost every recording product. If you don’t need the volume control, I behginger use the line outputs if possible.

Anonymous December 24, at The Tape-Out of my integrated amp will overload the Behringer and cause it to clip. Thanks for the comments on the UCA Here the UCA struggles.

I have no clue what DAC the Marantz uses. Many years ago Behringer came out with what looked like a clone of a popular power amplifier used in recording studios—The Alesis RA It also improved a bit behringr highs, and the stereo imaging over my VTS onboard less stereo crosstalk, perhaps?

My only complaint is not with this device, but more with usb in general, and that is that usb recording can sometimes have a bit of behringerr that ksb generated by the computer itself. You can also plug it into any Apple computer and get the same instant connection. Ultra-flexible audio interface connects your instruments, mixer, etc. The volume control on the UCA was adjusted here to deliver a reasonable reference level for ohms.


Behringer UCA202 Digital Recording Interface

Even with a flat impedance curve you’re likely to see higher distortion and potentially inferior damping. You might want to wait and see how those reviews turn out. NwAvGuy August 14, at 8: My friend is using Spin Uzb Again and it works just fine.

There is no setup or special drivers needed. Could the A be sensitive to some atypical load impedance at a certain frequency range in the Polks?

Make the Behringer UCA part of kca202 accessories kit and record music, convert music, or listen to music nearly instantly. Windows XP I don’t have any Vista machines recognized it, set up a driver, and that was it. Imaging is somewhat the same.