Vista finds it and installs the following devices for it. Besides, why would I need to insert the Bluetooth dongle after powering switching on the computer and not before that? And they expect me to pay extra for a software package like the BlueSoleil in order to make it work? What is “Bluetooth Peripheral Device” and do I need it? See my thread elsewhere.

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It doesn’t matter what brand of Bluetooth dongle you buy, Billionton or not, cheap or expensive, none of them work properly as they should. What is “Bluetooth Peripheral Device” and do I need it?

It was quite old hence i dont remember the issue and i dont know that link in which he reported, that was the only reason i informed you to do so Screenshot 5 – Installing drivers for new device. What fixed things for me was to go into the Vista Bluetooth control panel and use the Remove button to take out the offending phone – which deleted the unknown peripheral devices at the same time – and then I used the PC Suite Wizard to define the phone.

I think it includes the Toshiba Bluetooth stack I think it was labeled differently thou. I have billiinton same question 2. It is sold in the Billlionton Ohlson stores, that’s why their name is seen on the label, and the is their order number, while the other order number is the manufacturers order number.


The installation guide did systdms up, and I think that even the Autorun function worked fine so that it would show up automatically upon inserting the CD. In reply to cricfancy’s post on May 4, I sent e-mail to them two or three times but about a year ago when I first purchased this Bluetooth dongle, but they haven’t answered to me yet so I don’t expect any billilnton from them anymore.

Anyway, I just wanted to add another to pictures of the Billionton Bluetooth dongl. Screenshot 3 – Installing drivers for new device. In this discussion forum once a customer informed that he was unable to use his dongle when his pc was off and once after he started his pc then he inserted the dongle from then he was able to use bluetooth connection.

Mine is inserted all the time, I never take it out of the computer. You will always run into problems with them, and it’s usually problems with compatibility. Screenshot 2 – Billiontom drivers for new device.

Bluetooth connectivity in Windows Vista – Microsoft Community

Did this solve your problem? In reply to altair’s post on April 30, As for the IVT BlueSoleil Bluetooth stack, I have not tested it yet, but I think there is a big chance that it might just work well with my Billionton Bluetooth dongle, simply because BlueSoleil is de facto standard for Bluetoth interoperability with support for Bluetooth chipsets from many different suppliers.

Bluetooth wireless technology equipment compatible with one of the supported Bluetooth stacks listed below:: I usually chose to abort bluefooth It but it shows four times so I have to abort it four times. But now I am getting the “Ny maskinvara har hittats” New hardware found, or similar dialog every time I log on to Windows Vista.


Even bluetopth the “Bluetooth Peripheral Device” is not installed, I am still able to use this Bluetooth dongle to connect with my Nokia N73 and it seems to work flawlessly.

In other words this is a very common problem, regardless of what brand or model the Bluetooth dongle is. I have not tested using any of the other Bluetooth stacks mentioned on that list. Screenshot 1 – Installing drivers for new device. As for the Bluetooth stack, as explained before I have given up on using the Toshiba Bluetooth stack.

Bluetooth connectivity in Windows Vista

The exact version number of the Microsoft Bluetooth stack used on the computer is 6. Screenshot 6 – Installing drivers for new device.

Unfortuneatly that might just be the only solution for me. Or are you refering to some Nokia FAQ? Screenshot 4 systeems Installing drivers for new device.

It was a long time ago I installed this, so I’m not sure if this worked perfectly. Check your Nokia mobile device user guide for further details about compatibility with the listed Bluetooth technologies.