The lid of the case has a clear plastic pocket for the product manuals and other literature. I can confidently say that I expect to be a life-long subscriber. This is a handy feature because many of the drills and impact drivers we see only have one led on the lower side of the tool that leaves a big dark spot overhead where you are often trying to line up the tool. Our test tool arrived in an attractive and well decorated cardboard box. Recharge Time 30 min. Become a member today Get instant access to all FineHomebuilding. All we know is that it seems to work, and work well.

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Start Your Free Trial. Early toddler gifts included a tool set, and even a cordless Bosch drill when cordless drills first came out.

An impact driver is much more powerful then a drill because it gets its power from an internal mechanism that delivers hammer blows to an anvil that transmits that power to the bit. You need less down-pressure on the drill to impacct the bit engaged, and less counter-rotational pressure to resist the tool spinning on its axis as it meets resistance.

Litheon PS Cordless Impact Driver Review – Fine Homebuilding

The LED lights came in very handy in this application of the tool because as we were reaching inside the cabinets. Expert insights on techniques and principles Unbiased tool reviews Step-by-step details to master the job Field-tested advice and know-how Subscribe Now! The trouble with this pocket is that there is no way to secure it closed, and every time we moved the case around, the instruction manuals fell out on to the floor.


With a carpenter tool belt on, we were able to comfortably carry it in one of the pouches with out it falling out or feeling too heavy. With all the power of full size drill built into a unit the size of a pocket screwdriver, the Bosch PSA 12V Lithium-Ion Impact Driver is a combination we needed to check out for ourselves.

This veteran painter walks through his mindset lirheon process for breathing new life into historic millwork. Become a member today Get instant access to all FineHomebuilding. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer.

I can confidently say that I expect to be a life-long subscriber. Learn the best HVAC solutions for high-performance homes. Premium WordPress Themes Download.

Bosch PS40-2A Impact Driver Review

Compact, lightweight and powerful are easy ways to describe the little impact driver that packs in in-lb of screw driving torque and only uses a 12 volt Li-Ion battery to do it. Verifying high-performance house metrics under California’s Title 24 earns some rebates from the utility company.

Get home building tips, offers, and expert advice in your inbox. Really, it’s worth it. Modern impact drivers have longer run times, lithwon housings, and better features than your old driver. Although still an overall plus, I found the single LED mounting on the PS20 left a shadow in the exact spot you need the most light.

On the practical side we really did love the power to size factor. Start your free trial. Tool Tech A twice monthly look at new tools, tool techniques, and building technology. The trigger is a variable speed type that will allow the user to adjust motor speed depending on how far the trigger is pulled. We did not strip out a single screw head, which anyone who has used stainless steel square drive screws knows is not an easy thing to accomplish when using a regular drill.


With an impact driver, that feedback is muted since the fastener is tightened so incrementally. Become a member today and get instant access to all FineHomebuilding.

Bosch PSA Impact Driver Review | Pro Tool Reviews

In grade school give or take litjeon few yearsMarc’s mom said, “We need to cut down some trees. With all the interest in sub-compact battery powered tools, we figured it was time we started to check out some of the offerings that are available right now.

To demonstrate and test the impact power of the tool we took it out to a job site where a contractor was installing some kitchen cabinets.

The upper level noise fluctuated a little depending on the fasteners we were using and the material we were trying to drive them into. gosch

Bosch PS40 Review, Big Impact From a Compact Tool

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I love Bosch engineers, in a manly way of course! But with great power, comes great responsibility.