Though the U3’s folder-based navigation is flexible and logical for some users, others prefer a tag-based interface, which is a feature that Cowon should be introducing in one of its upcoming firmware updates, along with MTP and DRM compatibility. I do wish the video played back at a higher frame rate, but as an audio player, the U3 is about as versatile as they come. The U3 now supports WM DRM 10 for online download and subscription services, but you’ll have to make sure you download the latest firmware from www. Continue to next page 01 While it may be the world’s smallest PVP, the tiny screen is more showy than useful for video and photo.

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Fans of FM radio can enjoy the U3’s capabilities cwoon that area; it not only plays and records FM but also lets you record at scheduled times. This article needs additional citations for verification. Another thing I’m especially hot on: Cowon rates the battery for 20 hours of continuous audio playback.

But the buttons along the top have changed slightly–and for the better. All but a few basic functions had to be controlled via the included remote control. The by pixel LCD is bright and sharp, but at 1.

Cowon iAudio U3 Specs – CNET

It now supports up to Q8 with V1. That’s a great way to stock up on, for example, your favorite NPR shows for anytime listening. Most videos must therefore be converted to be played back on the U3 using the provided software from Cown. The unit has exactly the same physical ccowon technical specifications as the original iAUDIO 9, except for a slightly larger internal speaker and JetEffect v. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. The device used a swing-control.


They’re not all that bad, but the bass response isn’t great, and you don’t hear the detail and crisp highs that the player is capable of producing.

Cowon iAudio U3

Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted The Best Password Managers of Creating one strong password that you can remember is hard enough; doing Video frame rate isn’t high enough.

Although cowpn are a bit drab, the bright backlight makes them look more vivid than they do on the cowln nano’s comparatively dim screen. Available in “Noble” white or “Platinum” black, the iAudio U3 has more features than the Apple iPod nanoand that’s reflected in its slightly higher price. There’s also an “L” version available, which features enhanced battery life.

Cowon iAUDIO U3 Black ( 2 GB ) Digital Media Player

While the capability is commendable, we just can’t see using this player for anything except audio functions. He is also a working trumpet player in and around New York City.

This technology allowed the production of a high capacity digital audio player in a very small form factor. It could also record directly from sources or record using a built in microphone. Cowon, in its pure geek way, manages to cram a lot of song information into that tiny space, but the result is squint-inducing text, even for users with sharp eyes.


The CW had audio playback capabilities, an FM radio and voice recording through a built-in microphone.

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Setting the timer is fairly easy, though you can’t line up multiple recordings as you can with a VCR; you’re limited to one preprogrammed recording that can be singular or daily. Cowon iAudio U3 review: Joystick can be tricky to push straight in. The pan and zoom features are good, though you can’t zoom in very far. Ocwon help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Overall the U3 offers very good sound quality, though I’m not crazy about the earbuds that come with it. I3 player supports ID3 tags, but despite having that option enabled in the Settings menu, the Now Playing screen only showed the folder and file name for many of the tracks I loaded.

The player ships with earbuds, a gold-plated 3.