Maybe tomorrow will hold the tests on your computer where Kutya determined through the stump-deck. But one was a glitch: And people bought on glossy casing with a violet light. Who can ever tell how and who decides on ixbt. The problem is that the browser holds a similar box for several days.

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Discovered way in which more or less stable Kutya determined on a working computer. Then I tried to rewrite 4.

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Although the second momentusom this instability of not only me – nashschelsya another with exactly the same problem. Does the law on the protection of consumers’ rights? In any case, my hard drive is working Kutya upset conditions, and even the external power supply does not help.

Yet according to a known zhelezyachnikov Villanova drive at 50 grams. Oh, God, what terrible tales of overheating and dying two-inch Hardy. Divays should be off – the only case where I have not decided.


Hmm, one more thing: I turn kutyu not connect the USB cable. I have written 2 in the survey shows that the test 1. Skachayteproshivku to himself, unpack, when power fdh the device keep button sandwiched copy and so on.

It turns out that a computer connected to your battery Kutya will drop even faster than offline. Old age – no joy, only I do not remember. Apparently, such a piece of iron, then the chip is not important firmvaryu something to it different writing.

Somebody wrote that with an external power supply is all right. He has got only a quick peretykaniem with eSata to USB. And now about the discharge fhs.

Discussion of the article: “” Katie-on-the-go “or Cutie DX FHDUM On-The-Go”

Then turn off the switch and wait kutyu 5 seconds turn. Maybe then the buzzer will work. Does the law on the protection of consumers’ rights?

The device is absolutely not a usable as a portable hard drive. He can not che large files hawala or ceto I do not understand?

All of that normal thermal interface is made only from Cooler Master X-Craft which is not commercially available and removed from Floston SB production a review of which is on the site, the disc is pressed by a spring to the metal wall there, but there is still ventilation grill.


Few gemorno but works. Discovered this feature at random, and at first thought that the devices are not compatible. The instructions and written.

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And the battery is charged? I turn kutyu and the voltage drops to 76 V. Arabic language Chinese language German language English language French language Indonesian language Japanese language Korean language Portuguese language. Interestingly, this particular glitch Cutie with the HDD, nurse, or that he has such a “feature” of the work? Mac See more features. IMHO glitches the bridge take place to be. He has no complaints about it.

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