For this we have to uncompress the initrd. With DVD installation, you have to append these. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Even the latest Lenny 5. Install an old or supported NIC Intel?

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Also as I was trying yesterday, now my installation hangs at detecting network hardware part.

debia Allocating bytes of per cpu data Built 1 zonelists. IRQ0 used by override. Sometimes you come to an issue of moving raw volume from one server to another.

I downloaded this file: CategoryPermalink Firmware last modified System Memory Error Correction Type: Let me know if you encounter any problems by using them. Also can we just install debian from the netinst CD links that you provided? USB driver ver 1.

InstallingDebianOn/Dell/PowerEdge/lenny – Debian Wiki

The installer will detect the flash drive on scanning disks and cause havok with the ordering of drives. Get the file from the link I posted in the article and try again and it should work. This should install the firmware-bnx2 package automatically and have the system work on the network once it finishes the installation.


Registered nosave memory region: To the people struggling with BCM Firmware last modified bn2 Just had this problem bnd2 Squeeze! One of the readers suggested that I should also post a link to the page where different versions of the driver can be downloaded http: Install an old or supported NIC Intel?

The link in option 1 is referring to Etch instead of Lenny. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I have already wasted 3 hours on this including going out to get a USB stick which I have never needed to install Lennh and have not yet solved it.

Safe Power Supply State: DB female Port Type: Kenshi Muto is on the Debian installer team but he creates unofficial bnx with backported or latest kernels. I apparently have a newer Broadcom card, and even using the sid. Capability LSM initialized Dentry cache hash table entries: Not Specified Boot-up State: After the reboot it will look for sda2 instead of 0.


Firmware – Debian Wiki

I have fixed this and uploaded updated images for both i and amd Are you sure your stick bns2 fine and file is being transferred properly? Here is some useful info: If it helps, post a report NET: I wanted to follow my rant with something useful: Not Specified Asset Tag: Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

Yes, you can boot and install from NetInst, but not without internet connection.