Sign in Already have an account? A single could be a temp or pressure sensor. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Not yet mate thoght i would ask on here 1st incase someone uses the same. I decide to give this a crack and went about taking my instrument panel out, being a phase 1 dash it took all of 2mins and it was out!

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You need to work with a specific current flow diagram rather than a generic one. Use the black and yellow also to supply the ECU on 28 and Posted June 28, Does anyone know the method of driving the standard rev counter from a wasted spark coilpack inputs? Which is from left to right as your looking at it.

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Sign In Sign Up. I hope this will work for other people which i’m sure it will, and also save a few quid by not having to Buy Tacho Converters etc.

I now understand what you’ve done better than over the phone, you still have three wires for the tacho if I understand this right but only two of them were in the plug when we spoke. I was armed with a Rev Counter which had a live feed – a wire with a signal feed – and a beautiful circuit board e,erald lots of little shiny bits of solder protruding off the back Just waiting to be touched with said signal feed.


Paul 16vApr 2, I checked everything was connected and I had racho live, and still nothing. When you buy an ECU from Emerald they supply a wiring diagram that is specific to the application. Graham where are you??? John the engine was in a mk1 cabby before.

Search results for ‘tacho driver’

By pee vee, July 5, in Topics from tcho Tacho driver to allow older style moving coil type tachometers to be controlled by our ECU. As Richard says, be careful You have no items in your shopping cart.

I have been battling trying to get my rev counter to work, but mine doesn’t look like either of the ones in the pictures above. Sep 3, Likes Received: This Generic kit is intended for people who are familiar with Emerald ECUs and who have prior experience of ECU installation, configuration and calibration.

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Also emerald say that the plug which eemerald to the box will be a vw part? Tracknite Sequential Shift Light, tachometer and battery monitor. Posted July 26, By mark2gti20vtDecember 12, in Technical Help. Already have an account?

Already have an account? Also run a dedicated earth of 3mm to the battery earth direct.


Emerald wiring help | Club GTI

Emera,d not too sure yet Rich because the laptop I am using the battery is knackered so can’t see any live readings whilst driving without using an extremely long extension cable. Your name or email address: I think one of these wires had a label with tacho on, but can’t remember which one, I’ve bought a tacho converter from emerald so I don’t think I need a wire from here for it. I’m having trouble with mine too Although it may possibly be the rev counter, my rev counter under reads by a fair few thousand revs at the top.

The Pin1 conversion was an option to try but I had a small problem that is, I have a phase 1 rev counter and it looked to have a different circuit board layout than the phase 2 so I didn’t know where to start to convert it. Thats all it says though – looks like the default value is 1. Nice work daz, even though you told a little white lie saying the wire had come off the converted one.

Does anybody have a pic of 1?