Main tab in Network Service window Fig. Inserting a capture card into a PCI slot Fig. Click here for more. Monitor Display tab in Setting window Fig. Lock System Confirmation window Fig.

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Professional Grade Capture Card Fig. Choosing Custom install for remote viewing and playback computers Fig.

Technical specialists with remote viewing and all types of video security and surveillance applications. We highly recommend using DSL or Cable internet connections, especially if you are going to remotely view four or more security cameras. Device Manager window Fig.

Event and Action Configuration window Fig.

Smart Guide Event Report window Fig. Time Table of the Schedule Configuration window Fig. Counting Application log history for a specified period of time Fig. Show Event Log button and display Fig.

EZWatch Pro Company Profile –

Save Image button Fig. Patrol Setup window Fig. Business Grade Capture Card Fig. Print button and Print Setup window Fig. The EZNetwork software allows complete control of all aspects of the system as if you were there.


Each and every one of our support representatives have completed extensive training on all of our products and have extensive knowledge on product application and trouble shooting. Dial-Up access is acceptable if you are only working with one or two cameras.

Connecting cameras to twisted two-wire communications lines Fig. IP Camera Configuration window Fig. Sturdy, durable, protective housing for outdoor camera installation Fig. Icons for the 5 Network Services Fig.

EZWatch EZWatchIP User Manual | 10 pages

Inserting a capture card into a PCI slot Fig. Select DateTime Period window Fig.

Steps to make twist-on BNC video cable fitting Fig. Popup E-Map on Event window Fig. Remote LiveView Console controls Fig. If you want the ability to remotely change system ezwtach such as recording times and time activated events, you will need to install EZNetwork software onto the remote PC.

EZWatch EZWatchIP 3.1 User Manual

Storage field set of Setting window Fig. EZWatch Pro has truly established itself as one of the most friendly yet powerful surveillance systems on the market. Installing all-in-one driver for capture cards Fig. Counting Application Diagram Fig.


Email this page to a friend. Lock System Confirmation window Fig. Search IP Cameras window Fig. Being focused on customer satisfaction is an integral part of our lro success and the cornerstone of our future growth.