This page was last edited on 10 December , at The net result is that the tool turns into a BDM pod. The article describes the functionality behind the new Background Debug Module that has been developed for its 8 and 16bit MCUs. The main purpose of these tools is to provide the market with a very low-cost and easy-to-use design option. While the interface is single wire typically a 6-pin connector , a BDM port is used to interface with the target Figure 3. In addition, Apple’s switch to Intel chips left Metrowerks without an obvious product as they had sold their Intel compiler technology to Nokia earlier in

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. CodeWarrior was originally developed by Metrowerks based on a C compiler and environment for the Motorola 68Kdeveloped by Andreas Hommel and acquired by Metrowerks. The tool uses its USB frescale to communicate with the PC and takes the USB bus voltage as its own power supply and that for the microcontroller, making it truly portable.

Discover Freescale’s MC9S08 micro, SpYder and CodeWarrior

It also does this in compact form. Coincidentally the Metrowerks founder, Greg Galanos, an Australian, was also inspired by the movie and proposed the CodeWarrior freesvale.

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If the designer needs to use another package type or a separate target board, this is also possible. Block diagram Figure 3.


Their “geekware” shirts were featured in the fashion pages of The New Freesscale Times. The New York Times. To increase the flexibility of the tool, there is a BDM connector for off-board debugging of the supported products in other packages or where development work requires the incorporation of other board components.

It also does this at very low cost and in a form as portable and easy to use as a USB stick. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Then set the code type, project name and location. These CDs were, in the early days, whimsically titled using punning references to various movies but with a coding twist; for example, “The Hexorcist” The Exorcist”Lord of the Files” Lord of the Flies”Gorillas in the Disc” Gorillas in the Mistetc.

Later Apple dropped the whimsical titling in favor of a more sober “Developer CD series”. A dialog box will then appear prompting the user to select the target device from a pull down menu.

SpYder Freescale Discovery Kit | Box with CD and USB key | Flickr

Android Studio Anjuta Code:: The product moved to Freescale Semiconductor when that company spydrr inand then to NXP when they purchased Freescale in With a single-wire background freeescale interface, it is possible to use a relatively simple interface pod to translate commands from a host computer into commands for the BDC.

The tool works at bus speeds up to 10MHz, supports the 3. Freescale has now made an equivalent tool available for our 8-bit, BDM-enabled microcontrollers.


This USB power supply can also power the target board, up to a motor capacity of mA. To create a new project for any of the devices the tool supports, the engineer needs to vreescale the process in CodeWarrior. Metrowerks also made it easy to generate fat binarieswhich included both 68K and PowerPC code. Visual Studio Rider Understand.

Two-axis 2g accelerometer with SpYder and a Freescale micro | Elektor Magazine

The 8-bit HCS08 and recently introduced RS08 microcontroller a reduced HCS08 core made physically smaller by, among other steps, removing instructions contain a single-wire background debug interface, supporting in-circuit programming of on-chip nonvolatile memory and non-intrusive debug capabilities. November Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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One of these, volume 9, was titled “Code Warrior”, referring to the movie Mad Max 2: In frrescale late s the HC08 8-bit and HC12 bit cores arrived and became more popular for niche applications. It was widely used on most platforms based on PPC or other Motorola processors, as well as many games consoles.

Open source Android Studio Anjuta Code::