Your email or ADVrider name: Upon returning the software updates were done. Thanks for your suggestions, folks. It read the coming up with two software updates, voice prompter and vehicle indicator and one template. I’ve tried three different USB cables, including the short one that came with the Zumo , and get the same results with each one. G , Jun 27, Thanks, -ceej PS I believe that the usb port on the Zumo mounts are for attaching devices that provide traffic information.

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It could be that the usb plug has become exposed and got damp and that caused the message.

Zumo 660 USB cable error

Thanks again for all the suggestions. Then had to remember where all the Garmin stuff was? It read the coming up with two software updates, voice prompter and vehicle indicator and one template.

Garmins response was helpful “look things over and find out what isn’t waterproof”. Jan 14, Oddometer: However, I am having a problem doing this with the Zumo Why is this time different? I would recommend you download and install the Garmin software from the web. Try to reboot after the installation. Last edited by Bob Ledford; at I am hoping that some inmate with knowledge of electrical and waterproofing has a good suggestion.


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Originally Posted by Bob Ledford. Day 2 it rained pretty much all day, soft to medium. Not sure if you have a USB hub but unless it as a separate ac adaptor there won’t be enough power. I can certainly believe that some moisture seeped down there. I hooked mine up last night zuumo it does the same thing.

garmin usb cable zumo | eBay

Here is another possible place for a leak – but this is stretching it, I ggarmin. First, many usb devices are sensitive to the signal quality. The message pops up! Day 3 it is still raining, though not as much. So just plug it in again.

Let us know how you are progressing. The GPS then gave me the pop up to install the battery. I would go here to start.

First update in three years at no charge! Instead, it has decided to completely stop connecting to the computer; I have a support ticket opened with Garmin to see if they can do anything about it. Got it off without using a crowbar garmjn in the short USB cable supplied.


Garmin: USB Drivers Updates & Downloads

The system for the most part seems waterproof. It has been used in uzmo rain before. Alternatively how does one waterproof a 3. And I will agree that dampness could have ‘shorted’ two pins in the plug. However on boot up this morning I had some odd warnings from GE but the boot up went smoothly and been running fine all day long. Note you have to register the unit within 60 days and only get one free update within that 60 days.

I kinda had the same thing happen to mine. We head back home and I mount the Zumo when we take off in the morning. Aug 4, Oddometer: garmim