Excellent value Please read the manual before you use it. Its good for hobby grade video or stills but if you are looking for solid stabilization don’t bother as it is a waste of time. Didn’t work right out of the box, had to hook it up to my computer to sort out all the settings. Wasn’t able to get firmware update installed so I have to use older assist software matching to my gimbals firmware. Really Easy to use and install. The camera is way to light for a gimbal this size. Very stable on the initial settings, all you need to connect the bundled.

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My gimball came with version 2.

However, there are plenty of informative videos on the internet. Gibmal foglio illustrativo e meno che meno nessuna istruzione. The wiring loom from the main board to the small PCB was fouling in the mechanism. Wasn’t able to get firmware update installed so I have to use older assist software matching to my gimbals firmware.

3 axis gimbal –

Expert understands the inner workings – Ownership: You can find information on the web but it is not readily available. Hard to explain here without posting a picture.


Once connected the gimball works but it “twitches” about 30 degrees in the roll direction when the gimball is moving fast or when I gently tap on the gimball mount.

After that it levels out. Just be aware of this before purchase.

Works out of box, just to plug it in and up in the air. People, who have problems with shaking or strange movements may forget, that the camera has to be balanced in the gimbal well.

3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount with 32bit Storm32 Controller for Gopro 3 4 FPV Black

Cheap, well packed, fast delevery. The connections on both the bgc and accelerometer are also very solid and the package contains gooeluckbuy pin wires for external control inputs. Works out of the box. I mounted this in the front of my H-QUAD frame, it looks awesome, where the roll axis motor connects to the goodluckkbuy, i turned it around so the gimbal was forward and didnt hang under the mounting apparatus.

Not a genuine board so it’s not easy to change parameters.

DJI Phantom Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount w/ Motor & Controller for Gopro3 FPV Aerial Photography

General knows how to use it – Ownership: Works very well, but not perfect – perhaps will be after I figure out how to make software adjustments. This is the third time I try to order one at the discount price.


Follow us on Twitter Recover password Site map Become our affiliate. Control the TILT is possible! Is there a firmware gimbla Be prepared to read a lot.

brushless gimbal –

Suspension came in great packaging, installation poslue DJI Phantom he once earned. Considering the very light weight of the goPro or Mobius cameras, the aluminum frame could be thinner.

There was a problem with the order and they responded very politely a half hour after I stated the issue in an email. I use it on a home made hexacopter. The link given is a good help though. Expert understands the inner workings – Ownership: Plug in and Fly.

Pitch cable IS provided – its possible to connect to the NAZA P2 pin without disassembling the Phantom by godoluckbuy it thru a slot at top of battery compartment.

I have change 3 cheap gimbals with alexmos, but with this gimbal i will not buy any other Priceplug and play.