Here is some documentation on the opkg command: I’ll also pop a message to Brent to see if he can provide insight to this too. Friday, January 28, In reply to this post by ashcharles. BrentP wrote I’m having precisely the same issue. MX6 Dev Board provides the following headers: An intelligent agent system for managing heterogeneous sensors in dispersed and disparate wireless sensor network.

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I guess I didn’t mention but I’m actually using the new Gallop43 board which has only one revision I gumstox MX6 Development Board up and running.

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The certified WiLink 8 module from TI offers high throughput and extended range along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence in a power-optimized design. For recipes that just use source code in your recipes folder, you can simple edit and re-bitbake. Brent Original Message From: When lcf “dvi” mode the clock is at according to the output of fbset. This expansion board, built by Geppetto, uses our new line of 3. The backlight circuit and the ADS chip are physically distant in the board layout for the Chestnut43 and some of the interference reduction recommendations are followed but perhaps more filtering is required.


I have the same Chestnut board with the same inductor and am experiencing the same problems with the touch screen.

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Our Support page links additional resources. Questions are always fair game especially if you are willing to help others get started: Hi, We have several gumstix overo with chestnut expansion board and LCD touch screen. This is perfect in prototyping handheld devices powered by Overo COM. It’s supposed to smooth the input if memory serves, but it does the job a little TOO well Kathleen Morse uses Gumstix boards to research and develop radiation-resistant CubeSats.

The Gumstix Colibri i.

Gumstix Pi Compute Dev Board. In reply to this post by Derek Baum. Ash Charles-2 wrote Hi James, You’ve mentioned two issues: View for DuoVero View for Overo.

LCD touch screen unusable on Overo/Chestnut

This board is Ideal for handheld-sized, touchscreen-driven projects, the Alto35 display set offers LED indicators, tactile switches and an accelerometer, in addition to audio in and out. Home MultiTouch Appliance Kit.


General mailing list for gumstix users. As noted here http: Find technical help with your Gumstix products here. Once you are done prototyping, you may use Geppetto online to design and customize it for your own project. FL Antenna with Collar U. Advanced flight control system for micro unmanned aerial vehicles. Bumstix that are needed such as bootloader and operating system to create a bootable disk imageare available below.

The MultiTouch Appliance Kit is a solutions kit for network device applications. Iyengar, and Nagarajan Prabakar.

You can modify the design, layout and features of the Gumstix Colibri i. Hi, On Mon, Jun 27, at Hi Ash, 1 For the touchscreen sluggish issue, I intend to use the frequency hack for the moment as discussed in the thread by BrentP while I hope a permanent solution will be found in the coming stable release image.

FL Antenna with Collar U.