Lots of wildlife on the highway between here and Minneapolis!! I have a night vision scope I have been trying to get mounted in my H3 and hooked up to the aux input on my NAV screen, but am no having much luck Find all posts by 3hummers. Sales are dwindling from a four-year-old arrangement Raytheon struck with General Motors Corp. Like I said, this is all just crap I’ve picked up from the web so it could be BS Do you know where they are based? And lastly, is this totally stupid, or totally exciting.

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Like I said, this is all just crap I’ve picked up from the web so it could be BS I guess that makes you damn near a co-worker then lol.

Raytheon L3 Flir(?)nightdriver Automotive Infrared Night Vision Camera A11 | eBay

These people tend to be younger than Cadillac owners, wealthier, and drawn to gizmos — “early adopters,” in marketing-speak. If you were wanting a straight video output, I think the model you needed was this one from L-3 – http: Do we need a flir camera, or would a simple detector do the job rayhteon we need?

Thank you for looking, and thank you Dino and CJ for being awesome, and inspiring me to get out my pocketbook and have some fun. Rabbits Lawyers Or slow down on lonely roads at night.


Many of the systems used by car manufacturers see less than feet. What I was really hoping to be able to tell you was which pins to wire up.


Find all posts by ZYNE. That said, I will probably still make the cam conversion just for giggles. Originally Posted by protias. Even adding a PCI card means adding a PC inside the payload bay – and that’s going to add a couple of pounds no matter which way you do it.

I am deployed in Afghanistan, it’s at home, and I am trying to figure out all this stuff before I get home. Pretty soon I think Den, I’d have to look in to it.

Raytheon L3 Flir(?)nightdriver Automotive Infrared Night Vision Camera A11

I, of course want to see bears, moose, and caribou. Of course that’s never good enough for me, so I did some reading about the possibilities of a converted video of webcam. Find all posts by Leicajh. Send a private message to 3hummers. Take it from someone who does it on a daily basis, our stuff is at least a decade ahead of Raytheon’s. Is this same L3 co.

However, if you have a concern that you might get killed by a deer coming through your windshield, this is probably a good value. Do I need a lens like that I want long range Are there broken, chipped, busted lenses in a graveyard somewhere between 75mm and mm? The biggest problem is image stabilization, the picture just wobbles too much to actually see anything useful.


Return to General Night Vision Discussion. I imagine Ratheon had small self-contained boxes that were designed to convert the signal from the cable into video.

Both look very much the same in photos with the main difference being the number of pins on the connection the Autoliv only has six. I am imagining a 5.

Not being able to leave well enough alone, I have another thought. And lastly, is this totally stupid, or totally exciting. Long Wave IR is what the expensive Thermal Imaging cameras pick up This is what people and motors radiate that would allow you to spot them with no light source, in the dark, and at great distances.

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I’ll probably go with an original Raytheon cam. Lots of wildlife on the highway between nightdriveg and Minneapolis!! Even with these high quality LWIR cams, it is more than simply lightening the image a little. What problems do you see? With lights off and no radar emissions to detect, an approaching speeder will probably not have any advance warning that he is about to be clocked.