If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. Postscript, dpi with serial, parallel and Ethernet capability, handles 11 inch wide paper. It is noted that stores incur additional expenses such as rent, labour, overhead which make it impossible to offer the online price in store. We make every effort to keep our online prices competitive with the online marketplace. Sheet feeder with sheet A4 cassette.

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Other Laserwriter II parts are available; let me know what part you laserwriiter and I’ll see if I have a good used part available and quote a price. The controller card is a card in the back of the printer, with various connectors and with the LW II model name.

LaserWriter Select 310:Technical Specifications

However, you’ll find that many new printers are USB, which older Macs cannot use. For instance, a company called “Orange Micro” made a series of devices with the “Grappler” model name. StyleWriter inkjet printer the original. Retrieved August 29, Take out the printed sheet, turn it over, and print the second side using manual feed, inserting the sheet as shown here.

Island Ink-Jet is not liable for delivery exceptions that may occur due to storms, natural disasters, receiving incomplete addresses or when the customer is unavailable to accept the delivery. Looks like the Stylewriter II and Apple has produced several lines of printers in its history, but no longer produces or supports these devices today.


When you order online at Island Ink-Jet you are supporting the locally owned businesses and economy in your community through our profit sharing model and you in turn receive localized support from those businesses. Apple and others still make cartridges for these printers, and they are compatible with a variety of older Macs. We may have a few left, check below.

Laserwriter, Stylewriter, Imagewriter printers

Only the flashing Paper Out Light indicates when a sheet is needed. It has a 9-pin print head and can use a black ribbon or a color ribbon. This list offers examples of those printers in various conditions.

The LS controller is not customer-removable.

This section gives you an overview of the LaserWriter Select software features, including:. LaserWriter Select Software.

Reusing an inkjet cartridge can save the energy and materials used in recycling it, decreasing the overall environmental impact of printing. Push the black latch and snap the tray into position.

Apple LaserWriter Laser Printer toner cartridges : Island Ink-Jet

Important Make sure the sliding backstop clicks into laeerwriter appropriate notch. Often I will put a drop of water at the end of the ink “tank” or at the printhead.


Remember my Email for next time. Laserwriter Pro Postscript laser printer. Estimated shipping weight 10 lbs. Island Ink-Jet may, at its discretion, either contact you for instructions or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation.

Uses same print cartridges and ink containers as model, may print a little faster. The two Grappler units I have are: Software overview 2, Adobe postscript programming language 2, 3100 interpreter 2. They use one of the cheapest-per-page toner cartridges aroundtypically good for pages.

We make every effort to keep our online prices competitive with the online marketplace. Other paper trays can handle 11 X 17″ paper, or you can feed these sheets manually into this printer.

File:Apple Laserwriter Select 310.jpg

Please complete any transactions prior to that time. Orders cannot be placed online for pick-up at one of our retail stores. Also, see the collectables section for an IW I in its original box! Larger parts for this printer may be listed below.