And from this it follows that none manufacturer declares a support of K colours on the STN screen. The example of Motorola E displays the same drawbacks. This user feels no need of any additional functions and is ready to bear with the plastic quality and some function realization. It fits 6 text and 2 service lines. Evidently the Korean companies start to add this function to various devices, including those intended not merely for women. The dictaphone permits recording either AMR or wav files and the records could serve as ring tones. The volume of polyphony alarm is modest and, as for the preinstalled melodies, the sounds at average level.

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The backlash leaves an impression of slovenliness of the assembling quality. I advice you to try the phone with headsets by extrinsic manufacturers, since founding them makes no trouble.

Those who like to make an experiment and enhance the call volume of MP3 melodies should turn to the engineering menu. A vibracall may run either after a call or concurrently with it. Showing of the proper number of colours is accounted for by a controller that presents in the device physically. It is much better than the other functions of the handset. The phone supports EMS standard and creating concatenated messages. The font size is larger than average.

For this money you can acquire a qualitative MP3 player with memory of Mb, an FM radio with all functions realization of the best quality. The advertisement of the model that is to be found on the streets of cities runs as lh the model having memory of 64 Mb and a flash card.


You can add your own functions to the list Selected. An image of bigger resolution is accessible by a link and you can watch detached points showing.

LG G – RF (Radio Frequency) Safe

As with LG G, the stated number of colours is merely a marketing course. The quality of the plastic is beyond criticism. The model is produced in the classical form factor and the lt 99x45x17 mm of the device is quite nice as it fits easily both jeans and shirt pocket.

For instance, the player runs in standby mode and you may use other functions.

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The keypad is made of plastic og the key block has a infirmity defect of fastening. Subjectively, the image on C65 looks better owing to the grain size. The dictaphone permits recording either AMR or wav files and the records could serve as ring tones.

The side button starts or pauses a playback.

The manufacturer declares support of an STN screen showing K colours. The device sold by the Korean company of LG is essentially created by the Taiwanese manufacturer Phoenix on basis of a chipset by Dart Technologies also a novice in the phone market, still the world’s leader in the province of DVD chipsets.


Also the number of showing colours is to be regarded as a statement of the same kind. It is llg that in case of an unfair advertisement the company has a chance to confront with Moscow Association of Businessmen, for the advertisement is being placed for about several months. Video telling llg the keypad backlash avi, 3.

LG G1800 pictures

On the opposite side there is a button dedicated to the MP3 player and you can trigger this g1800 with one pressing. It is naturally not polyphonic, but ordinary.

The chromacity of many prototypes, even g18800 devices, does not differ from that of previous models owing to an incorrect profile realisation. This palette support does not theoretically mean its realisation. A full text search proposes the alternative. Colour transitions are shown better on screens of a high resolution and such transitions vanish on a small diagonal. Media Audio Playback Up to 3 h.

Compare SAR Levels

The native headphones, though acceptable to an unpretending user, do not unveil the whole potential. The model LG G should be advised those who lack a player and a phone, but is restricted within money.

Besides a support of a controller, there is a need of using correctly a colour profile as it belongs to software.