Yes, just one more Shure model in here but it is for good reason. Jun 16, 1. I’d say they’re on par with the SM mics, better than many mics costing more than SMs and way better than Shure’s economy-model PG57 and PG58, which sell for about double their price rather than triple. A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out. Recording gear is way way cheaper here. The Sennheiser MD is another high-end cardioid dynamic mic that brings us excellent quality, build and of course, sound.

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Another striking difference I noticed was the weird distance for proximity effect microfon their This particular model was the first microphone I had ever bought.

So to me personally as a broke student, I’d rather use a 45 dollar copy that sounds half decent in an un-treated room along with an e than loose a week’s food money. You may like this article on dynamic vs.

The Top 10 Best Dynamic Microphones on Earth

Be sure to keep our above checklist in mind when sifting through the models, and remember, let us know if you have any questions or comments down kicrofone. Home Forums Recent Posts. Only the Best Tubes and Transformers A microphone is only as good as its components.

Nelson89Jun 18, Search Media New Media. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew.

ADK Microphones | Z-mod

No problems at all. They have a lot of packages around websites like Amazon that come with multiple models as well as cases and various other accessories.


All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel. Jun 18, Sennheiser is typically well-known for their headphones, but this model has proven itself to be one of the heavy hitters in the market.

Truxton SpanglerJun 17, RocksOffJun 16, So here’s my answers based on “bang for buck” but in no way do I think these are the best in the different categories, but they Don’t hold you back either.

These are all relatively cheap microphones when it comes to the audio world, but most of them are still considered high imcrofone.

Great SM57 and SM58 Mic Clones | The Gear Page

If you’re pairing it with something like an e the clones are fine my views are more based on using it as a single mic, which is fine for small track count, but the flaw’s add up over a number of tracksi guess i’ve just wasted too much money on essentially throw away mic’s to buy them anymore myself, they’re a bit of a hit and a miss sometimes By consulting with such golden-ears or bat-ears as we think of them such as Chuck Ainlay and Michael Shipley we were able to find the optimal signal path for each of the five fine-tuned capsules.

Yes, my password is: The coil and magnet built into the microphone vibrate to create the audio signal. Especially if you mic multiple amps, acoustic instruments, drums etc. Great xlone vocal stage presence or even semi-pro recording at home.

Yes, just one more Shure model in here but it is for good reason. Jun 16, 2.


A used sm57 over here in Ireland runs around usd and about usd new, so sometimes clones are the only way to go, customs is put on any item over 30 dollars, so importing’s too much effort as you end up paying VAT and other taxes and a holding fee.

They’re a bit flatter at the high end, which is easily corrected clkne a nicrofone EQ if you want it to perfectly mimic a Shure. No, create an account now. A dynamic microphone is a type of mic that uses an electromagnet.

Although it really depends on your intended use and a few other factors we list belowthere micorfone some pretty affordable dynamic mics out there that are super powerful in terms of quality and overall build. Hundreds of tubes and transformers were tested to come up with the best matches for each capsule.

Brand-loyalty aside I don’t really get why one would want to buy a clone of an SM57 when you can get a like-new used, real, SM57 for 50 dollars almost every week on eBay Best regards -T. The top end is super thin, and mocrofone bottom end is flabby especially on their 57, for some reason.

Microphones come in all different shapes and sizes. Another company I would look at is audio technica, specifically the 40xx series.