There are multiple speakers to manage, each with their own unique needs for presenting their information to the crowd. Watch our video and you will know more about us. Are you still passing the cable while switching presenters? Try removing the keyboard, few 1Msia netbook variants placed the HDD right underneath the keyboard. I have personally never used any non WD harddisk after my experience with Maxtor. I checked underneath the stickers and there was no additional screws to be fasten. Show posts by this member only Post 5.

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Meeting is no longer delayed by time needed to configure and troubleshoot in connecting projector and video system.

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I did a web search and was shocked my the reports of harddisk failure. Show posts by this member only Post 5.

That is why it is essential that you get the most out of every boardroom meeting because this is the platform where such important outcomes are determined. Please download all required documents from here.

Secure and Easy Content Nltebook. Make Presentation nptebook Mobile. RecoMedia allows the next presenter to go live with a click of button.

Try removing the keyboard, few 1Msia netbook variants placed the HDD right underneath the keyboard. RecoMedia solves all these problems, allowing you to make presentations in style. Is yours meeting being delayed due to time needed to configure connection of a laptop to the projector?


I tried to open the keyboard to attempt to reach the harddisk – but its impossible noteboo, parts of the keyboard are like totally glued together. Our users find the key features provided by RecoMedia improve effeciency in conducting meeting. This post has been edited by g5sim: Therefore, please do not hesitate to send an email or give us a call.

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D denkiu denkie – I was able to open the keyboard – beneath the keyboard got three more screws. Nohebook in advance for all the suggestions. You might need a tiny scraper or a really thin flat-head screwdriver.

Attachment no screws under the stickers here too. RecoMedia allows data being shared in a secure local area network with high speed dual band WiFi.

1Malaysia Idola netbook harddisk meninggal dunia

It enables anyone to present content from a laptop, smartphone or tablet wirelessly to the display. Look at all my stars!! Multi-party meeting is no longer involved passing cable from presenter to presenter. mjmos

Problem is the unlike older 1Malaysia netbooks which have a removal RAM and hard disk cover at the back of the netbook, this Idola netbook only has one RAM removal cover. Watch our video and you will know more about us. Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board.


During a conference or seminar, the situation is especially challenging. You should get a internal HDD to replace the spoiled one. You can only install Windows in the internal HDD. Mar 2 Data can be directly downloaded to mobile phone, tablet and laptop. Share on Track this topic Print this topic. RecoMedia allows presenters to make presentation directly from smart devices such as tablet and mobile phone. I tried removing the keyboard – one part – near the VGA connector just cannot be detached.

Are you suffering from slow network speed while sharing contents through Internet? Was having to open the entire thing after removing the three screws.