This club puts virtually zero side spin and just goes straight down the line I hit it. I find High MOI drivers tend to exacerbate spin issues associated with face and path issues. In past years the impact of this has been exacerbated by vanity lofting intentionally manufacturing higher than stated loft because golfers like to buy less loft than they need. Scoot24 2 months ago. I think people just cant understand that U can also use muscles. This is a great club that offers a lot of customization and a ton of forgiveness. The Cleveland Gold Custom Driver is the longest driver that the company has made and has adjustments to customize all of your performance demands.

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Cons Adjustments can strip screws rendering them useless All the adjustments can become tiresome during a match Very stiff golf club.

The moment of inertia is an object’s resistance to twisting on its axis. Tom Conroy 2 months ago.

Today’s Golfer

The idea is to get it to launch like what a consumer expects from a 9. A decent looking super game improvement iron which can do a job for a wide audience of golfers.

F-Max are an excellent blend of value for money forgiveaboe forgiveness performance for the right swing speed player. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Does someone make a game improvement driver?

I tried both new Srixon drivers, stayed with Ping. These drivers helped in lessening the effects of a mishit or off-center strike by moving the mass to the perimeter of the driver head and are now termed as forgiving drivers.


A forgiving driver will allow your natural swing to be unaffected by the weight of the club allowing for more control.

As we all know and loveMGS is where we get real results.

What is the Most Forgiving Driver? | Get In The Hole

Find each iron rating below, plus our verdict on how these irons performed. Would it be safe to assume that G LST and M3 are the most forgiving low spin drivers in the market today? This hollowing out of the back of the iron head creates a cavity which transfers the mass forgiveqble the club head around its perimeter, creating a larger sweet spot for you to hit.

Want better Scores while doing less? This hollowed out area transfers that weight of the club around the heads perimeter, making a larger sweet spot that’s easy to hit. For adjustable weight drivers, measurements were taken with the weights aligned in their highest MOI rear positions.

I then brought a brand new shaft which is exactly the same make and model as the other one, for my Titliest Most people would be better off cutting 0. At 97 mph, forbiveable. Your confidence in your abilities as a golfer will be crushed if you keep using a golf club that severely punishes you for not hitting the ball perfectly.


That configuration is a bit of a golf hack a pretty good one thoughwe never measured CG or MOI in that configuration. The loft can be changed to -1, S. Johnny Penso 2 months ago.

The latter, however, we can put numbers on. The trajectory is the key to unluck low spin, higher launches, and greater distances.

Without know your swing, have to recommend G line. Sure, in theory it works, but in the real world, not so much. Jason Peterman 2 months ago. This club has more technology included with it than I know what to do with.

MyGolfSpy Labs: The Most Forgiving Drivers of

But for the amateur just looking for a stroke or two less of the handicapth e most forgiving drivers can give you a semblance of control over your shots. There are so many elements that come together to make the best golf swing.

The center of gravity of this club is positioned lower in the clubs head which produces a high and penetrating flight. Higher dynamic loft means higher launch, and since launch and spin are correlated, you get higher spin too.