Motorola mobile phones Mobile phones introduced in ITunes. Seems to work quickly and efficiently too. Rub your thumb across the front though and the backlit keypad springs to life with soft keys, shortcuts for music and return, plus call start and end. For the application, see iTunes. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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It’s thin, at 11mm but perhaps a bit unnecessarily wide at 53mm.

Motorola Rokr

Motorola phones and smartphones by series. In practise though it’s not that easy to use and we found ourselves consistently over-flicking on our way through the menus.

It dominates the front of the handset, squeezing the 2in screen up to the top and offering a silver line arc when the rest of the keypad is hidden. The lack of fancy functions had a positive effect on battery life, which gave us about three days of average use with Bluetooth used only occasionally.

Plenty of storage Pressing the music shortcut key offers a completely different view of the E8. O2, Mktorokr, T-Mobile Looks: With most cameraphones offering their shutter button on the right for use in landscape mode, this feels unusual, though motorokt does get you into camera mode very quickly around a second so it’s good for quick snaps.

The W5 was released in September July Learn how and when to remove this template message. For the application, see iTunes. There’s also that non-intuitive gap as your thumb describes a circle, so motorokt cursor pauses on the missing bit of the ring.


Rub your thumb across the front though and the backlit keypad springs to life with soft keys, shortcuts notorokr music and return, plus call start and end.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. But as happens all too often with Motorola, the concept motoroor been seen through to the end.

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Motorola’s music phones have never really been the last word, but there has been an evolutionary arc of sorts, with a pretty consistent range of improvements from the E1 to the latest ROKR E8. For Attractive design 2 megapixel camera 2GB onboard storage Decent music player 3. The E6 features a built-in FM radio, but no radio recording. It will sync with Mktorokr Outlook, but not with Web or Mac based calendars.

The Z6 supports the following audio formats: FastScroll – friend or foe?

Imaging quality isn’t bad exactly, but it certainly isn’t distinctive, even in good light, and it drops a notch further in video 8e. Copying tracks by dragging and dropping from your computer via the USB connection is straightforward enough and there’s a fairly decent 2GB of storage on board which can be beefed up with a 4GB MicroSD card not suppliedthough you’ll have to remove the battery to install it.


Motorola MOTOROKR E8 | TechRadar

The FastScroll navigation arc is certainly eye-catching. Seems to work quickly and efficiently too. This article needs additional citations for verification. With its undersized screen and barely average camera it doesn’t do itself any favours in other departments either. It also inherited the 2-megapixel camera with manual macro-switching and business card recognition from MINGenhanced with QR Code recognition functions.

Up to 23 days. Rokr E1 iTunes phone can only store max. There’s no 3G for downloading tracks over the air yes, you can use GPRS but life’s too short and the headphones virtually beg you to replace them.

Just as well it’s there though since the supplied headphones, as is the norm, aren’t great, sounding a bit too ‘shut-in’ and compressed, with an unpleasant tendency towards sibilance.

Ultra slim design First, the giveth. Instead of iTunesthe phone came bundled with RealPlayersupporting a larger variety of motorkkr.

Every other Motorola I’ve had you could make the two soft keys and the four direction keys and the side smart key when they had them into shortcuts for any program in the phone.