This netbook is extremely light. The battery pack does make the netbook sit at a slight 1 inch incline that some people do not like but I like it because it makes typing more ergonomic and the incline is great when you have to type on your lap. If you want them to be VERY secure, you can also tweak the hooks at the end of the prongs to have more grab. I only needed the netbook for doing work projects using office suite software. I suspect this is why some reviewers have stated that their U included Bluetooth, but mine did not and I would not expect other U’s from Amazon to include it.

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It goes into the empty mini PCI slot. The end mis, however, is that you can dial your machine up to mhz, but set it on “Power on Demand” which means that almost all the time you will be actually running at mhz at reduced voltage.

In any event, if your blue indicator lights up mine does not it seems to indicate that you have bluetooth. Would make them significantly more efficient and effectively more powerful at the same time.

When all is said and done, using all the stuff we’ve discussed in this thread, you can have a u that is almost twice as powerful as stock, with lower tempsand greater endurance The MSI U packs in a punch as far as the looks go.


The black glossy front panel opens up to show a glossy grey body with flat-topped buttons on the keypad.

MSI WIND U210 thread

This is an excellent Netbook. Apparently I made a blind mistake. I also have a Dell mini 10 and this one is far more powerfull. I like your version better than mine LOL. So, if you are going to do some on line gaming, it turns off everything you don’t require to do bletooth gaming which is a surprisingly large amount, especially in vista which has a ton of stuff running all the time that doesn’t need to be running.

Maybe I got a bad unit and you may not have the same problems that I got, but I am very disappointed. I don’t know what the deal is on your setfsb, I’m using version 2. Though, I do notice the the keyboard tends to feel a bit cheap, specifically on the right hand side J through ” area.

Works great on my 60″ projection TV. The whole thing fits in the palm of my small hand. I’ve been fooling around with both setfsb and rmclock.

MSI Wind U210 – trzeci laptop z procesorem AMD Neo

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. This is a great laptop, a big enough screen to use in the real world, and plenty of horsepower.

Anyway, the MSI shop I bought my laptop from said there isn’t any Bluetooth in the models released here.

Agree with other reviews about the pros of this netbook, just wanted to add a few extra comments that may help you in your decision in reviewing this product. I cannnot find any cons with this superior netbook. What does your manual say? Get fast answers from reviewers. Full size keyboard included. Plenty for what I need it for and it is more than what you get with some other netbooks plus you can use Readyboost to give it an extra umphff when needed.


You can still see all customer reviews for the product. In hopes to get some one with some repect to the customer If you plan on using this net book on a desk, and zip tied down so there is not way for it to be Mobil, this is a good choice, but if you want to use it how net books should be used for light and portable prepare to pay for MSI’s flaws. It is same for any other netbook. Namely size and portability.

MSI Wind U – trzeci laptop z procesorem AMD Neo |

The second is the wifi card sucks. This netbook is extremely light. Hope that is enough of an endorsement.

Tested it with the wireless and LAN port but not tethering with any phones or other devices.