I hope you will enlighten me on this before we leave for Japan. Having taken this route many times, I have a few thoughts to add. And we continually get the best reviews for onboard service. So, for the family with two preschoolers it costs only yen one way! Thanks for your time and effort.

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One trip from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station takes between 75 and minutes. Either the Narita Express or the Limousine bus would be fine. Getting to Haneda is easy from there — you can jump on the train at Asakusa Station Asakusa Line and go straight to Haneda.

Narita Airport – Tokyo (Osaki Station) Shuttle Bus / Bus, Night Bus, Booking in Japan / Willer

Lap Infant under 2. I think they do it purposely, to make foreigners pay double the fare! Check the latest visa requirements for Budapest. Haneda Airport expresses, Shinagawa locals, and the two-door limited expresses to Sengakuji every 20 minutes in green remain unannotated. Hello, I need your help!

You could also get the shuttle bus. The metro is a lot more convenient, although the network is rather spaghetti-like to the uninitiated! Additionally, the estimated times displayed on the website and in the terminals are set by the individual airlines according to the number of passengers on the day, and may naita from the times given in announcements by the airlines.



But from the Limo Bus website, there are no buses leaving Narita before hrs. I sae that on google maps, but I dont know how much is it, anyone knows?

Not ridiculously so, but more than you might be used to. Osaki Station is close to Shibuya or Shinagawa and also convenient to get to Yokohama. Do you have to pay for wi-fi at this place or activity?

Complete Guide: How to Get from Narita Airport (NRT) to Tokyo!

Either activating it on arrival or waiting a day and using it for your return trip to Narita should be fine. Economy Business Premium Economy First. Not for the faint hearted or claustrophobic though. Everywhere else will be asleep!

Japanese travel agencies cater to their clients, and buy these things in bulk at a discount rate. Greg, like many others; I too am very impressed with the TokyoCheapo website. Please click here to learn more about luggage. Any truth to this?


What is the best time to board the bus? So I still got to Narita in a swift time. Could you please tell me what the cheapest option is to get from the airport to the hotel?

Flight Information

I can have beers and some bar-street food and some sushi and people watching andI will be a happy guy. Hyperdia is showing two routes: It costs only Yen one way and preschool kids are free if sitting in your lap. I am just not sure whether I have to buy ticket in advance or whether I can just use Suica for it. We work with more than partners to bring you better travel deals.

Lastly, what time do you recommend we leave Tokyo to catch our Please show a staff the booking confirmation details either email or printed one. Will stick around the airport hotels and cause trouble over that neck of the woods. Inside some interesting experiments to discover.