Windows 8 users, annoyingly, have to pony up extra. Did you not close out a previous mplayer test? That sounds like you haven’t installed the driver. Smith would say, “Oh, the pain! I made sure I could test drive several channels that weren’t working before we finished. Building OSS is beyond the scope of this article since it can be a very different process on any given Linux distro.

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Some cable companies used switched digital video. You’ll have to afapter this up as well before you can use the integrated browser functionality more on that below. Tried to upload am image now sure it will show, did not in the preview. I have made an RC script that I use on Ubuntu Go to ‘one’, then the ‘tuner’ tab.

This was required for certain channels to work.


So here are the three possible values for copy protection status: For kernel versions 4. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

You’ll have to pay a small annual fee for this. The fly in the ointment is that a reinstall of Win10 loses Ceton’s newest software.

Fortunately Ceton also makes available a TA add-on for their card called “ctntad” on the same download page as the driver. Configure the SchedulesDirect or whatever video source; have it pull down your “listing.


When I pull up the web interface for the card, it shows the channel copy protection as “none” a local channeland I saw one that says “free” a music channel. In MythTV you will want to create four “Ceton Cablecard tuner” recorders for each installed Ceton card you probably only have one card.

You’ll want to look around the Internet using your error codes as the search term. You’ll want to run the following from the machine on which you would like to access the web interface. So you really need to find out from your cable provider whether you should have this channel. CNET’s best of I made sure I could test drive several channels that weren’t working before we finished. Tumer, Thanks for runer info. The cable card thinks it’s working, it sees channels and can tune to them well it say it is the Ceton software says it has a signal.

Ceton InfiniTV 6 Ethernet Tuner ETH Cable Network for CableCARD | eBay

Hi, I’m new to this site. You shouldn’t have to update the firmware. I know when I got my first cable card, the cable company didn’t send me a ‘Tuning Adapter’. I will try to support it as I can, but please understand that this comes with no warranty, either explicit or implied.


Due to differences between cable companies, the exact channels you are able to receive with MythTV can vary.

But I was actually able to install the Win8 version used Win8 compatibility and admin. Utner worry about the syntax of the line or what magic you might be doing: The actual channels did not change as in the channels are all the samejust the listing I choose from when setting up.

Ceton InfiniTV 4 – MythTV Official Wiki

So I went to the web interface it says Copy Protection: It can’t get a lock and I can’t view anything — The key here will be the codes: Ronald Frazier has graciously spend the time to create a patch for 0. In other words, the channel may or may not exist, but your subscription does not include this channel if it exists.

I just upgraded a Win7 MC server to Win But as with anything Windows- and CableCard-related, your adaprer may vary. Some users have reported issues with the card properly seating.