You need to use the program ScpServer to connect it wireless though. To answer your question if you are seeing only touchscreen none and moga that means your ps3 controller is not “really” connected to your nexus 7. Joined Mar 15, Messages 2 Reactions 0 Points 0. If not then that is your main problem and configuring the controller with epsxe will have to wait until this issue is fixed. Improved graphics — you don’t get upscaling, anti-aliasing, or texture filtering on original hardware. Maybe it’s better I make an other topic in the android epsxe forum with this question

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Cant get my PS3 controller to work with ePSXe. | Next Generation Emulation Forum

Dbrown New Member Jun 17, Forums New posts Trending Search forums. Moga devices choose moganative using native driver for moga pocket mapping is automatically done Other options: Doesn’t matter which one i chose, when I start a game, my ps3 controller doesn’t work.

Player n map axis Allow you to assign axis from native joysticks on Android 3. Accelerometer You can use the accelerometer to manage the left stick, you can select X, Y or both.

It can be useful in some emulators that do not have a default profile for what ever controller you use to be able to tell how the controller outputs analog movement.


ePSXe + Sixaxis Controller on Galaxy Pad 2

Pad Skin file You can create and use your own pad skin. Email address protected by JavaScript. Joined Mar 15, Messages 2 Reactions 0 Points 0. It might be worth it to just pick up a PS clone usb PC controller instead.

ePSXe for Android Website

Joined Mar 9, Messages 25 Reactions 0 Points 1. Select Gamepad It scans the system for gamepads, and you have to choose the one which you select for this player if you prefer the touchscreen you have choose virtual.

I stilL can’t play wirelessly. I click on the config tab, then the gamepad, then pad 1, then port 1 epsxee nothing happens!

Increase resolution of the games to your device resolution, including additional filtering options. Choose your png file with this option.

Dbrown New Member Jul 10, Touchscreen and Gamepads Configuration This section you will show the input configuration options supported. PPF patch support for translations. Or can this topic be moved to the correct section?

Cant get my PS3 controller to work with ePSXe.

It connects and I allready used it to control my device, so I know it’s working. By default epsxe uses a big audio buffer epsx provides more framerate and average speed emulation, but it can add extra audio latency. There is annother free app called joystick tests by Bostwikenator that will simply read joystick inputs and let you know if the analog sticks are working.


Joined Mar 12, Messages 1 Reactions 0 Points 0. It is not working.

I have a snakebyte PS3 controller, if that helps. I hope this explains your issue.

First off you should probably use the android epsxe forum next time you have an android related sixxais. Make sure your controller is “on” before you start ePSXe. Memcards and Savestates ePSXe supports saving savestates and memcards. The only thing that should be additionally sxiaxis is that you should use the “Raw input” Input API option in the LilyPad settings, otherwise key shortcuts for other plugins and the emulator itself won’t be recognized.

Stick with original hardware. You can move, hide and resize the buttons on the skin. You must log in or register to reply here. I can’t even get it to work with motionjoy! If not then that is your main problem and configuring the controller with epsxe will have esxe wait until this issue is fixed.